• Cover the $260,000 the average couple pays in medical costs during retirement, plus...
  • Effectively boost the savings of the average retiree* by $100,000, and…
  • Budget in an extra $1,080 a month in spendable income for the next 20 years.

You don’t have to pick and choose one of these.

You can potentially check them all off your list.

The best part — it will only take you 10 minutes or so each week and can be done from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Dear Reader,

You can do this from your smartphone while waiting in the golf cart for your turn to tee off.

Even during a quick coffee break.

Or while your date freshens up in the powder room of the fancy restaurant you’re treating her to.

By reading this letter and committing 10 minutes a week, you’re well on your way to activating this retirement income machine for your own retirement.

And just for reading this letter, I’m going to give you...

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When people were recently asked about their biggest financial worries in retirement, here’s what they said:

The $619,200 I’m going to show you how to generate is enough to crush the top 3 financial retirement worries for good. It can allow you to:

  • Pay the $260,000 the average couple pays in medical costs during retirement
  • Add $100,000 to your retirement savings
  • Have the funds to budget in an additional $1,080 per month in fun money for the next 20 years (or for as long as you need).

Did you know that out of 100 people who start working at the age 25, by the age of 65:

  • Only 1% will be considered wealthy
  • Only 4% will have adequate capital stowed away for retirement
  • 3% will still be working
  • 63% are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity
  • 29% are dead

That means 89% of those still living are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity. And 4% are still working.

I don’t know anybody who wants to be dependent on someone else or still working to make ends meet during retirement. But it still happens.

Those who take advantage of what I’m about to show you will have a tremendous opportunity to move themselves out of those situations and into the pool of people who will be considered wealthy or have adequate capital for retirement.

If you’re already there, you’ll have a way to continue to compound your wealth at a staggering rate.

A $1,360 Social Security Check Each Month Isn’t Much When Medical Costs Eat Up Your Savings

Here are some critical statistics to keep in mind:

  1. The average health care tab for a retired couple is $260,000 (time.com).
  2. For every thousand dollars of desired monthly income you’ll need $166,696 in savings (provided that money earns a 6% annualized return and inflation is 2% - statisticbrain.com).
  3. The average person in their 60s has an estimated median of $172,000 in savings (investopedia.com).

That means the average retiree can expect about $1,000 a month using traditional methods plus whatever Social Security pays them.

The average social security check in 2017 is $1,360. Together that’s about $2,360 per month.

When you spread the $260,000 in medical costs over a 20 year retirement, it comes out to $13,000 a year or $1,083.33 per month. That eats up any income from the 6% interest on your $172,000 savings.

That means you’re left with a Social Security check averaging $1,360 a month to cover housing, food, transportation, gifts to grandkids, insurances, and on and on.

Maybe you can squeeze in an $8 a month Netflix account for entertainment.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, it’s probably not your fault. And we’re going to change it starting today.

Retiring Is Different Today

It used to be that you could work for 30 to 40 years with good benefits including a decent retirement plan.

At the end of your career you could take your savings, invest it in passive and safe investments, and live on the interest alone.

A million in savings could be invested at a fixed rate of 6 percent annually bringing in $60K a year in income.

If you were diligent in making your house payments without refinancing to pull out your equity and consume it, you owned your house by the time you retired.

Between owning your home “free and clear,” and generating $60K a year, you could enjoy a pretty good retirement.

What happened?!

Those days are gone. So it’s critical to find a new solution that works in today’s world. That’s what I want to introduce you to right now. This plan can generate...

$619,200 “Working” Less Than 10 Minutes A Week In Any Economy

It can allow you to multiply your income even when you don’t have adequate savings so you can retire comfortably and on time.

Retirement shouldn’t be a time when you still live hand to mouth worrying about your next unexpected expense. You want to enjoy your golden years.

But, even though many have worked hard their entire lives, social pressures to keep up and feelings of obligation to provide a better life for your children and grandkids have eaten away at your savings.

Just when you felt like you were getting ahead, the car broke down, you lost your job, the roof started leaking, a new hospital bill showed up and you were forced to use some or all your savings.

On top of that, you’ve been paying school loans, health insurance premiums, income taxes, medicaid, medicare, FICA, social security, sales tax and countless other fees... not to mention being robbed by non-stop inflation which drives the cost of living through the roof. And wages never seem to follow.

These things have worked to shrink your savings and make it extremely difficult to get ahead financially or be adequately prepared for retirement.

No wonder most people don’t have an extra million lying around. No wonder most are going to be dependent on their kids, relatives, friends, handouts, or a government program.

Nobody wants to work their life away, passing up luxuries they could otherwise be enjoying in order to save for retirement, only to find out there still won’t be enough.

In many ways, we are punished for saving and rewarded for gobbling up new debt.

When you’re feeling this way, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and rack up the credit card balance, finance new cars and expensive trips so that all your hard work feels like it means something — that it’s bringing enjoyment to your life and helping create quality memories for you and your loved ones.

If you have been able to invest and grow your wealth, you know just how fast it can vanish when the market tanks like it has done too many times in the past.

What I’m about to show you can change all that.

Even if you’ve only managed to tuck away meager savings amidst overwhelming odds.

You’ll immediately feel the huge impact this has on your lifestyle now and throughout retirement. It’s the key to getting rid of the top retirement money worries for good!

It works rain or shine and takes very little time or effort.

This Is Like Having $1.5 Million Saved

The first chunk of your retirement income is going to come from what’s left of Social Security.

The Social Security Administration reports that the average monthly Social Security payment to retired workers will be $1,360 in 2017. That adds up to $16,320 per year.

It’s a good start, but Social Security was never meant to make up all or even most of your retirement.

And if you don’t own your house free and clear, it’s likely your mortgage is going to devour your social security leaving the rest of your bills unpaid. A reverse mortgage may not be in the cards even if you want one.

But don’t worry. The next part of the plan is changing all that for average retirees by leveraging their savings to generate an additional $619,200 or more in potential income over the course of a 20 year retirement.

That’s more than 3 times the amount they were able to save over the last 40 or 50 working years. It’s an enormous amount of money.

So to recap we’ve got:

  • Average Social Security check: $1,360 per month ($16,320 per year)
  • $172,000 in savings bringing in $619,200 over the next 20 years which is $2,580 per month or $30,960 per year if you follow this plan.

You can break it down in a lot of ways:

  • $619,200 over 20 years in addition to Social Security
  • $2,580 a month for the next 20 years in addition to Social Security
  • $30,960 per year even though you don’t have a job… plus Social Security.
  • $3,500 per hour since it only takes 10 minutes a week for 20 years… plus Social Security

It’s enough to pay the $260,000 in medical bills during retirement and still have $1,496.67 a month in spendable income. That’s without tapping into your Social Security income of $1,360 per month or spending your original savings.

By combining your social security check of $1,360 per month with the effortless income you can generate every single week following the plan I’m about to share with you... you could be generating $47,280 per year or more.

When you consider that someone with a million dollars saved earning 6% annually would only generate a $60K per year income, you can’t beat the plan I’m about to share with you.

And the truth is, a million in savings today could probably only earn you $30K per year since 6% annually is a bit out of reach for traditional safe investments.

That means generating $47,280 a year in today’s environment is like having $1.5 million earning 3% annually.

It feels like creating a million out of thin air by simply bumping the annual returns you can get on your savings. The returns on this strategy, which you should start using immediately, can earn as much as 18% per year or more.

Many insist that it’s much safer than government bonds and other so-called “safe” investments. I agree!

And this new income source won’t limit the amount you can collect from social security even if you retire early.

Plus the income doesn’t have to stop after a 20 year retirement. You can do this for as long as you want. That’s great news considering the increasing life expectancy.

Please understand, your personal savings and social security checks will be more or less than the averages I’ve been referring to (based on $172K in savings and $1360 a month in Social Security).

But no matter how much you have saved, safely earning as much as 18% or more a year is a hell of a lot better than earning 3 to 6 percent per year or less.

You may be asking how in the world you can get 18% a year with such low risk. I’ll tell you shortly.

My wife and I love your service... which gives us complete peace of mind and a higher rate of return. Thank you for providing us with such a good report.

Wing-Non & Wendy H.

If It’s Safe Enough For Warren Buffett, It’s Safe Enough For Me

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”
Warren Buffett

This next example contains the key to generating a safe and consistent 18% a year. It can lead you to an extra $619,200 in retirement depending on how much you have saved.

Imagine for a moment that you are Warren Buffett, arguably the best investor of all time. Buffett also owns GEICO insurance.

His insurance business profits come from monthly premiums his customers pay in order to cover their backs in case they get in a car accident.

The 18% annual returns I’m talking about are created using the same concept. You’re going to collect premiums from “customers” or traders who want to cover their backs in case they make a bad stock trade.

There are stocks ready to be insured all the time. So when you complete one transaction, you can move onto the next and the next.

Unlike typical insurance businesses, you never have to get a single customer, spend a dime on advertising, or hire a single employee. You never have to take phone calls or process claims.

And instead of losing money on claims, you’ll actually be able to turn those opportunities into a way to profit even more as you’ll see just ahead.

That means even when you “lose,” you still win.

The profits from this are solid. The risk is virtually eliminated. The time it takes to generate this income is next to nothing. It can be done in as little as 10 minutes a week. And you can repeat it several times a month.

That’s right! Everyday, traders and investors buy insurance policies to protect them in case a stock goes the wrong way. And everyday, there is someone selling them that insurance and making money hand over fist. Now it can be you!

That means you can create a new income stream that can lead to an extra $619,200 in retirement. And you can spend less than 10 minutes a week on it.

It’s so good that Warren Buffett is known to use this strategy to generate instant cash when he buys a new investment. I’ll explain in just a moment.

Even When You ‘Lose,’ You Win

Most of the time, when insuring stocks, the contracts never gets executed. You simply keep the income you generated from the sell of the contract and move on. In our experience that’s about 73% of the time.

The other 27% of the time you have an opportunity to make even more money.

Here’s how the two scenarios look:

Scenario 1 (73% of the time): A trader buys a put option on a stock just in case it drops in price. You sell him the put option (“insurance”). The stock doesn’t drop so you walk away with the cash premium for selling him the put option contract that he can no longer exercise because it expired.

Scenario 2 (27% of the time): A trader buys a put option on a stock because he thinks it’s going to drop in price. You sell him the put option (“insurance”). The stock does drop below the price specified in the contract so he exercises the contract and you are required to buy his shares.

Now you own shares in that stock, which temporarily ties up a small amount of your money. You wouldn’t turn around and sell those shares right away because you’d take a loss. So now what do you do?

This is where Warren Buffett’s secret comes in. When Buffett sells a put option (“insurance”), he actually wants this second scenario to happen. Why? Because he only sells put options on high quality stocks in which he wants to own shares at that lower price anyway because he knows the stock is going to rebound.

So he uses this as a way to buy a stock at an even bigger discount while generating some extra cash by selling the put option.

Case in point. In 1993 Buffett wanted to purchase five million shares of Coca-Cola for $35 a share. It was trading at $39 then. He sold 50,000 put contracts and insured the stock at $35 ($4 below the current price) and collected $7.5 million in upfront cash premiums.

If Warren Buffett was telling you which stocks to sell put options (“insurance”) on and assuring you that even if you ended up owning the stock it would be a good thing, you’d rejoice and do what he said.

That’s because you know Warren Buffett knows what the hell he’s doing. And therefore the risk is minimal.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”
Warren Buffett

If you’re wanting to generate income rather than buy stocks at a discount, you may want Scenario 1 to happen whenever possible, but with a little patience, Scenario 2 becomes a huge winner most of the time too.

That’s because you end up owning an amazing company whose price has temporarily dropped, but is highly likely to recover quickly. When it recovers, you end up selling it for an even bigger profit and move to the next trade.

While you wait, you can actually be earning more money from the stock by collecting dividends or using other strategies I’ll show you. It’s all about the stock you select to insure.

To summarize, if you know how to identify the right companies to sell put options (“insurance”) on, both scenarios end up extremely profitable most of the time with very little risk.

When the worst case scenario usually ends more profitable, you know you have a winning strategy.

I almost forgot to mention that this income is generated while most of your money sits safely in cash. You only put a small amount into each transaction, yet you can generate the returns I’ve been talking about.

My personal track record has been profitable on 129 out of 132 closed trades. That means I’ve won 97% of the time.

A Warren Buffett Whispering In Your Ear

You may not have Warren Buffett whispering in your ear, but you can still feel completely confident about this strategy. How?

This is where I come in. Please don’t take this as bragging, but my track record speaks for itself. My thorough analysis of stocks and put sell alerts has allowed me and my followers to profit handsomely week in and week out with absolute ease and peace of mind.

As I mentioned earlier, 129 out of 132 closed trades have made money. In total, my account** has grown from $100,000 to $206,812 in about 2.5 years. That’s a 106.8 % total gain. Of course, we did reinvest our profits.

If the average retiree had been following me and executing each of my alerts since I started and reinvesting their profits, they could have hypothetically generated 129 individual paydays totaling $183,696 in effortless profits in only 2.5 years. Each payday took just a few mouse clicks.

If you need the money now, just take the cash premiums and use them to pay your mortgage, car payment, buy groceries, pay for medical bills or whatever else you want.

By using my service, you don’t need to know how to analyze stocks, understand options in depth, or anything like that. You can make a lot of money if you can follow a couple simple steps.

We send email alerts to our subscribers and post to our password protected website in simple terms exactly what put option (“insurance”) to sell, on which stock to sell it, and when to sell it. We then send you any updates or follow up actions.

It’s simple! And all this can be done in just a few minutes each week. All you have to do is execute it with a few button clicks. I show you exactly how. In each new alert, I include a link to the video of me explaining and executing the previous trade.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Let me introduce myself and tell you how to start generating income right away.

My name is Thomas Moore. I started my career in the 90s with one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. I was consistently in the top 10% nationally for new money under management.

After the dotcom bust, I shifted my focus to trading stocks and derivatives. Over the next decade, I worked for an investment education company which would later be acquired by one of the largest U.S.-based online brokers.

I was instrumental in developing their highly sought after curriculum where individuals would pay as much as $20,000 to learn to become an expert trader.

I’ve personally taught more than a thousand students throughout the United States and Canada the building blocks to become better traders and investors.

As a trading coach I’ve developed various systems for trading both stocks and derivatives. I’ve created more than a dozen different educational courses on every aspect of trading and investing.

I’ve even authored or co-authored several books including Building Wealth in a Changing Economy and Bulletproof Investing in a Recession.

Today I work for Investiv, an investment research company where I’m the Chief Editor of Rebel Income. It’s a weekly investment newsletter dedicated to helping everyday investors shave years off of their retirement using this unconventional, yet very safe strategy to generate consistent monthly income from undervalued blue-chip companies.

I’ve been publishing Rebel Income for two years and it now has one of the most coveted track records in the industry. Currently I’ve closed 129 out of 132 winning trades (97% winning rate) and given my subscribers the opportunity to earn tens of thousands in spendable income.

Over the last two years a subscriber following every one of my income picks would be up 106.8% compared to only 21.73% for the S&P 500.

Again, I’m not trying to brag. I’m hoping to instill confidence in you to know this isn’t my first rodeo.

I know exactly what to look for to identify the exact stocks and timeframes to sell put options (“insurance”) on and collect fat premiums.

My track record proves it. Now I want to help you collect fat premiums too.

Here’s What A Few Of My Subscribers Have Said:

I can honestly say I’m really impressed with your advice. Thanks

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The Popular Investment Vehicle That Could Soon Shake The Markets Like 2008

Special Bonus Report #3 ($19 value):

Reverse Mortgage Q&A: “Is It a Godsend...or Is it a SCAM?”

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Money Mistakes America’s Wealthiest 1% NEVER Make

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In addition to the valuable bonus reports and Home Study Kit, my service comes with an unconditional 30-day, remove-all-the-risk, money-back guarantee.

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Thomas Moore
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P.S. $619,200 for spending 10 minutes a week is nothing to scoff at. It’s enough to pay the $260,000 medical costs the average couple pays during retirement, boost your savings by $100K, and still bring in $1,080 in spendable cash each month over the next 20 years or longer.

P.P.S. Remember, I’m giving you 3 4 free bonus reports ($76 value) just for reading this letter plus my 35 video Home Study Kit ($497 value) absolutely free when you order today.

*When this letter refers to average retiree, it is talking about the average retiree in their 60s.
**The $100,000 account referenced is a hypothetical account where all trades would have been placed.